Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We're Podcasting!

Howdy Folks,

Welcome to the Creative Screenwriting Magazine blog page which will begin to include PODCASTS from our screening series!
Don't have an Ipod? Don't worry? You can download Itunes for FREE as an MP3 player from and you can then begin listening to us in Itunes on your computer.

The Creative Screenwriting Magazine screening series is entering its third year and is hosted in Los Angeles, CA. It's a popular event in which we show a film and then have the writer(s) and director come down for a chat afterwards. The first part of the Q&A is moderated and then we open it up to the crowd for questions. You can sign up for free to join us live at one of our screenings at - just look for the signup box on the right hand side of the page.

Please check back here soon - as we hope to continue updating our podcasts by digging through some of our older/popular screenings from the last few years.

Bear with us - as we're just getting our feet wet - so sometimes the sound won't be as perfect as we want it - but it still will transport you into the room as if you were with us at the screening to hear what our guests have to say.

Thanks for checking us out!

Jeff Goldsmith
Senior Editor / Screening Series Director
Creative Screenwriting Magazine